The Blue Picardy Spaniel (or Epagneul Bleu de Picardie) is a relatively new breed in North America and is known primarily in their native France.
They were recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1995 thanks in part to the efforts of Don and Cathy Fath of Alexcyril Sporting Dogs in Alberta.

Having been bred in France mostly for their field ability this sporting breed is also gaining popularity here as wonderful family companions. Their gentle nature, intelligence and willingness to please make them a good choice for first time owners. They are very adaptable and get along well with children and other dogs. Of course training is a must and we stress that positive methods be used.
As with any breed their size they do require regular exercise and always love a good off leash run. Their natural instinct is very evident and they will surely "point" out things to you on your walks.

Breed Standard (Canadian Kennel Club)

Photographs © Laurie Schaus

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